Advent calendar with Russian language

Advent calendar is a Christmas or New Year expectation calendar (as in Russia).
During December, a child or an adult receives every day a mini-gift, sweets, wishes or assignments .
We decided to change the idea of the Advent calendar and not just prepare for the holiday, but practice the Russian language.
Who is with us? ;)
Advent calendar with Russian language
In our Advent Calendar with Russian language, we will practice (do tasks) and repeat grammar every day.
Ready! Steady! Go! :)

December 1
December is not only the last month of the year, but also the first month of winter.
In the comments, write 3-5 phrases on the topic "Winter" with the words from the article.

December 2
Russian grammar begins with the topic "Category of gender"
Read the article and do exercise 1.

December 3
Yesterday you read the article. Have you noticed that the second part of the article is the topic "Plural"?
Let's practice plural forms today - test.

December 4
I hope that now you already know the topic "Category of gender in the Russian language" well.
Today you read an article about adjectives and do the exercise(one of three) in the end of the article.

December 5
Where are you now? Do you remember where you were a week ago, a month ago?
Where do you plan to be in a week, in a month?
How to answer the question "where?" read in the article here. Do not forget to do exercises in the end of the article.

December 6
Today is a day off in our advent calendar! =)

December 7
Repeated location. Now we can repeat the direction. Read the Accusative article and answer the questions in exercise 3.

December 8
Statics or dynamics? What is correct? Or maybe both options are possible?
Read the article about the verbs of statics and dynamics. Do the tasks in the end of the article.

December 9
Do you often listen to podcasts?
Today we suggest you listen to the podcast "Russian Verbs". You will hear a verb, an aspect pair, forms of verbs in the present, past and future tenses, and the imperative .
Now the task. Choose 3-5 verbs and write your phrases with these verbs.

December 10
As you can see, the grammar of the Russian language is not so difficult.
When you know the system, you know where to look for answers, then you understand the Russian language.
Today again is not a difficult topic - verbs. Read the article and do the exercises.

December 11
Yesterday was the present tense. Today is even easier - the past tense.
All my students know that this is the simplest grammar.
Make a test.

December 12
Future tense is the topic for today Advent Calendar.
It is very interesting how you will do task 3.

December 13
Today is a day off in our advent calendar! =)

December 14
Another form of verbs of the Russian language is Imperative.
What words in the imperative Russians say every day?

December 15
Help me make a festive dinner. Write recipes for your favorite and most delicious dishes.
Help me make a festive dinner

December 16
What do you think about? Who do you remember? What are you reading, writing, talking about?
Answer the questions and read the article.

December 17
There are many permissions and prohibitions.
Do the exercises at the end of the article.

December 18
Already the second half of December. It's time to think with whom you will spend the Christmas and New Year holidays.
How to say in Russian "with whom" read in the article.
Remember to do the exercises. :)

December 19
Today you are waiting for assignments on the most frequency case of the Russian language.
Certainly, this is the Genitive case.
Do the exercises in the article.

December 20
Only 11 days before the start of the new year. New Year is a favorite family holiday for Russians.
What do you want to do on the holiday? What are you planning to do in the new year?
Read the article about the holiday - New Year.

December 21
Russian children often write letters to Ded Moroz (Santa Claus) asking for gifts.
What will you give to your relatives? What do you want for yourself as a gift?
Write your letter to Ded Moroz (how to write see here). Maybe Ded Moroz will give what you want. ;)

December 22
Can you make a plan for your day?
The article on the category of time in Russian will help.

December 23
Yesterday you started repeating "time". Today we continue.
Read the article and do the exercise in the end.

December 24
Make a wish. It will come true next year!

December 25
Today in many countries celebrate Christmas.
Do you know when and how in Russia this holiday is celebrated?
Read about the holiday here - Christmas.

December 26
Merry Christmas!
Today is a day off in our advent calendar! =)

December 27
See the New Year cards of Soviet artists here.
Write a congratulation text to your relatives.

December 28
Я ничего не знаю.  Мне нечего знать.
Do you know the difference ↑?
If your answer is no, then read the article and do the exercises.

December 29
Today will be the last grammar task.
Russians love uncertainties. There are even several options to show uncertainty.
The article and exercises are here.

December 30
In the comments, write 3-5 phrases with the words from the article.

December 31
The last day of the year. Many people write plans for next year.
We congratulate you with the upcoming of New Year! And also congratulations with the finishing of the Advent calendar with Russian language!
The last task. Watch a movie that Russians also watch on December 31 - the film "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!"
We congratulate you with the upcoming of New Year!

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