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Letters and sounds in Russian language

When you first hear the language, you acquaint with sounds. And sounds in Russian are denoted by the letters. How many letters we already know from the article "Russian alphabet" . The exact number of sounds can not be counted, but you can learn how to pronounce Russian letters correctly. Interesting? Continue reading. :)

Russian alphabet

Russian alphabet is - 33 letters; - some letters can denote several sounds - and some - do not have sounds at all.

Victory Day (9 May)

Victory Day (May 9) in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945). In Russia and in some post-Soviet republics, Victory Day is celebrated on  May  9  since 1945. The Act of unconditional surrender of Germany was signed on  8 May at 22 hours 43 minutes (in Moscow it was already May 9 at 0:43). On May 9, 1945, Joseph Stalin made a speech on the radio, in which he congratulated the Soviet people with victory in the Great Patriotic War. Here is a small excerpt from his speech: "Comrades! The Great Patriotic War ended with our complete Victory! The war period in Europe ended. A period of peaceful development began.  With the Victory you, my dear compatriots and compatriots!  Glory to our heroic Red Army, who defended the independence of our Motherland and won victory over the enemy!  Glory to our great people, the victorious people!  Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in battles with the enemy and gave their lives for the freedom and happiness of our people!" After S

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