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Idiomatic phrases → wild animals

What kind of wild animals do you know? What kind of wild animals are in your country? What kind of wild animals live in Russia? In this article, there will be idioms that contain the names of some wild animals. Learn to understand and properly use idioms to make progress.

Prepositions of place

There are many prepositions in the Russian language, or special words that denote the relationship between words in phrases and sentences. Prepositions do not change, but the word after prepositions changes in cases. Prepositions can be spatial, temporal, target, causal, and others.


любо́вь      love люби́ть // полюби́ть      to love влюбля́ться // влюби́ться      to fall in love люби́мый      favorite (object of love) лю́бящий      loving (who loves)


 хо́бби      hobby увлече́ние      enthusiasm досу́г      leisure люби́мое заня́тие      favorite hobby свобо́дное вре́мя      free time