Nationality, nation.
-> a person's belonging to a particular nation or to a particular nation state.Nationalities.

Idiomatic phrases → with word "сердце".

Idioms, idioms ... Endless topic. Difficult, interesting and useful topic. Let's learnt to understand and properly use idioms together to make progress.Idiomatic phrases → with word "сердце".

Idiomatic phrases → with words "лицо", "нос", "рот" and others.

Every language has phrases that have additional meanings. We call such phrases idiomatic, or idioms.
Of course, the topic 'Idioms' is very difficult. But we are sure that this is an interesting and useful topic. If you know, understand and speak the idioms correctly, then you can be proud of yourself.Idiomatic phrases → with words "лицо", "нос", "рот" and others.