Idiomatic phrases → with word "сердце".

Idioms, idioms ... Endless topic. Difficult, interesting and useful topic. Let's learnt to understand and properly use idioms together to make progress.Idiomatic phrases → with word "сердце".
Look at the idioms for "сердце" and try to learn some of them. And it is better to use them actively in speech ➝ correctly, without errors and in the right situation.

золото́е се́рдце = about a kind, compassionate, caring and sincere person
горя́чее се́рдце = about an ardent, passionate person capable of strong feelings
ка́менное се́рдце = about a soulless, callous and cruel person
нет се́рдца = about an insensitive, soulless person who can do evil

да́ма се́рдца = a woman for whom a man feels a feeling of love
нож в се́рдце = when a person experiences severe moral suffering from the actions of other people
се́рдцу не прика́жешь = about a situation when the feelings and emotions of a person in love take over his mind

предложи́ть ру́ку и се́рдце = to offer to get married
положа ру́ку на́ сердце = when they want to emphasize the honesty and absolute sincerity of words

от всего́ се́рдца = want to emphasize sincerity of intention or action
от чи́стого се́рдца = absence of evil intentions
с лёгким се́рдцем = without any anxiety, without fear
с тяжёлым се́рдцем = with anxiety, with a premonition of unkindness
с замира́нием се́рдца =  with excitement and trepidation to expect something

се́рдце разрыва́ется (на ча́сти) = to feel heartache,  to worry hard
се́рдце не лежи́т к чему́/кому́-ли́бо = no trust, sympathy, disposition
се́рдце не на ме́сте = to worry
се́рдце (ушло́) в пя́тки = to be very scared

скрепя се́рдце = to agree reluctantly, under duress
в сердца́х = to do something in a fit of anger or rage

отлегло́ от се́рдца = to calm down, to stop worrying, to be nervous
разби́тое се́рдце = to fail in love

се́рдце кро́вью облива́ется = about a situation associated with strong feelings and anxiety

As you can see, there are many idioms with the word "сердце". And that's not all, but only the most popular ones.
It is important to learn how to use idioms in speech. And don't be afraid to make mistakes ➝ learn from mistakes.
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3. Write 1-2 situations with idioms.

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