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Adjectives in Prepositional case

The cases of the Russian language are very often frightening, since there are many of them (6 cases) and not only nouns need to be changed, but also adjectives, pronouns, and numerals. In this article, let's take a look at the adjectives in the Prepositional case (6).

Day of Memory and Sorrow (June 22)

June 22 is a memorable date for many families in Russia and in many other countries. Day of Memory and Sorrow. The day when the Great Patriotic War (WWII) began. On this day in 1941, at 4 am, without declaring war, enemy attacked the Soviet Union. The beginning of Great Patriotic War did not just happen on Sunday. It was the holy day of All Saints.


Russian verb has the form of tense ( present , past and future ), person and plurality, aspect - Imperfective and Perfective . Also, the Russian verb can be in different moods. Today we consider the Imperative.

Classification of Russian verbs

There are two types of verbs in Russian - I conjugation and II conjugation. All Russian verbs are divided into two conjugations by type of endings (see here ). Most Russian verbs belong to the I conjugation. Also in Russian there are two classes of verbs - productive and unproductive .

Usage of Accusative case (plural)

The Accusative case (4) is considered one of the most important cases in the Russian language (and for many one of the most difficult =)) ). It is this case that is used to designate the object of action and the direction of action or movement . In our blog, we already looked at the endings of nouns in the Accusative case . But it was only a single number. Now let's look at the Accusative case of nouns in the plural.