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ОН, ОНА, ОНО and ОНИ, or Categories "gender" and "plurality" of the nouns

It is very interesting to learn Russian. Do you agree? In Russian, all grammar is very systematized. The very first (and most important!) that you learn on the lessons of the Russian from grammar is gender (ОН, ОНА, ОНО) and plurality (ОНИ).

June 12 - Russia, happy holiday!

What do you know about Russia? What are the first associations? Vodka, matryoshka, grandmother or holidays? The first three we will leave without attention :) But about the holidays - let's stop on them. June 12 is the Day of Russia - a state holiday that has been celebrated in Russia since 2002. The holiday appeared in 1992, but it was called "The Day of the Declaration of the Sovereignty of the Russian Federation".

"Great and powerful" Russian language and Alexander Pushkin

The popularity of the Russian language is growing every day. People of all generations and all nationalities are increasingly showing interest to the Russian language. And what is the Russian language and what secrets it hides, you will find in our blog. :)