Constructions with the word "есть".

To designate belonging in Russian, there is a special construction with the verb "есть". This construction corresponds to I have in English, Ich habe in German, J'ai in French, etc.Constructions with the word "есть".

Могу. Умею. Знаю. / I can. I'm able to. I know.

There are many synonyms in Russian language. But this is not entirely true, because there are no completely identical words in meaning - words differ in style, meaning, and usages.
There are also words that are similar in meaning and usage, but they have completely different meanings.Могу. Умею. Знаю.

Subbotnik. What is it?

Subbotnik. What is it?

Passive participles

To express the property and attribute of an object, use adjectives. To express a property, you need to use the participles. ↙
The participle is an attributive form of a verb, or a word that combines a verb and an adjective.Passive participles