о́сень, осе́нний     autumn
ра́нняя ≠ по́здняя о́сень     early ≠ late autumn
золота́я о́сень     gold autumn
Ба́бье ле́то     Indian summer

Prepositions in Russian

There are words in Russian that have no meaning. It is impossible to ask a question to such words and they do not change. One of these words are prepositions.
Prepositions indicate the relationship between words.
Prepositions in Russian

Unity Day (November 4)

Unity Day (November 4)

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Usage of Nominative

The case system in the Russian language is a complex grammatical topic. But if you understand the system and able to use it correctly, then the Russian language will seem not so difficult, but very attractive ;)
There are six cases in Russian. 
Today we will acquaint you with the Nominative case (1).
Usage of Nominative