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Category of time - Exact time (+ approximate time)

There are several options for expressing time in Russian. In the blog, we already looked at how to say what season, month, day of the week, and what time is it . Now we’ll talk about how correctly say the exact time, name the hour and minute.

New Russian language (2019)

Дра ́ тути!      Hello! Доро ́ у!      Hello! Вэ ́ лком!     Welcome!

Pronouns in Russian (classification).

"Я" is the last letter in the Russian alphabet, one of the most popular words in the Russian language and also a personal pronoun. Pronouns are words that indicate objects and persons or their attributes, but do not name them.

Day of Moscow

Moscow is the capital and the largest city of Russia. It is included in the 10 most numerous cities in the world. Moscow is a hero city, the center of business, politics, finance, etc. But that is not all. Interesting facts title  The city received title from the name of the river - Moscow River  - around which it was built There are several unofficial titles - “Belokamennaya”, “Zlatoglavaya”, “Pervoprestolnaya”, “Port of the Five Seas”, “Third Rome”. In 1147, the name of the city first appeared. Now every first Saturday of September, residents of the capital celebrate the birthday of the city. This year Moscow is 872 years old. citizens  Moscow is a big metropolis. 12.5 million people live in it (and this is only official!). Every day 3 million tourists come to the capital. Residents of Moscow are called 'moskvichi' and 'moskvichki' (muscovites). transport There are several types of transport in Moscow - urban (buses, trolleybuses, tra