Months and Seasons

Вре́мя года, времена́ года    season, seasons
      Како́е сейча́с вре́мя года?    What is the season/time of the year now?

Ме́сяц, ме́сяцы    month, months
      Како́й сейча́с ме́сяц?    What month is it now?
Months and Seasons

Где? or Prepositional case in Russian language

The grammar of the Russian language is called complex and incomprehensible. All because of the cases, they are 6 of them in Russian.
Each case has its own ending system and its own questions.
So, for example, to answer the question ГДЕ? / WHERE? - location or place of action - is used Prepositional case (6).
With the question ГДЕ? nouns are used with prepositions B and HA


The traditional Russian family has always been big and friendly. Grandparents lived together with their children and grandchildren.

Past tense in Russian

Вчера́ (= yesterday), позавчера́ (= the day before yesterday), ра́ньше (= before), до э́того, пе́ред э́тим...
All these words show the past tense (by the way, one of the simplest grammatical theme in the Russian language).
And the verbs of the past are the most frequent in terms of use. ;)
Past tense in Russian

City transport

тра́нспортное сре́дство    vehicle
обще́ственный ≠ ли́чный тра́нспорт    public ≠ personal transport
назе́мный ≠ подзе́мка    surface transport ≠ subway
Городской транспорт