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New Year (January 1)

The most favorite holiday of Russians is the New Year. It is celebrated on the night of December 31 to January 1. And this is traditionally a family holiday. About traditions, history and New Year's symbols we will tell in our detailed article.

Usage of Prepositional case

The case system in Russian is a difficult grammatical theme. But if you understand the system and able to use it correctly, the Russian language will seem to become easy and very attractive. ;) There are six cases in the Russian language:  Nominative (1), Genitive (2), Dative (3), Accusative (4), Instrumental (5), Prepositional (6). And in this post we will acquaint you with one of them -  the Prepositional case (6).

How to use prepositions "В" and "НА"

To know the location, Russian ask the question "WHERE?" and get the answer with the prepositions "B" or "HA" (usually). What is the difference in the usage of these prepositions? When to use the preposition "B" and when the preposition "НА" you will find in this article.

Winter words

зима́     winter зи́мние ме́сяцы     winter months     дека́брь     December     янва́рь     January     февра́ль    F ebruary