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2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

One of the most popular sports in Russia is football. It is loved by adults and children, men and women, people from cities and villages. It is played at every stadium and field, and who can not play well, watches it with great pleasure. Football for Russians is a holiday, and the FIFA World Cup in Russia will be like a national holiday. All people in Russia are waiting fot the main football event. ;)

Football vocabulary

Футбо́л     fotball Футболи́ст     footballer Игро́к, игроки́     player, players

Category of time - What time? or When?

The category of time in Russian is involved in different cases. It all depends on the situation, on the words of use. To show the time are used words in the Nominative, Genitive, Accusative and Prepositional cases. Let's consider some variants.

Summer sports

футбо́л     football баскетбо́л     basketball