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Passive participles

To express the property and attribute of an object, use adjectives. To express a property, you need to use the participles. ↙ The participle is an attributive form of a verb, or a word that combines a verb and an adjective.

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Figurative and Idiomatic Meanings of Verbs of Motion

Prefixes ВЗ-, С- and РАЗ- with verbs of motion

Prefixes ДО-, ЗА-, ПЕРЕ-, ПРО- and ОБ- with verbs of motion

Prefixes ПОД- и ОТ- with verbs of motion

Prefix ПО- with the verbs of motion

Prefixes ПРИ- and У- with verbs of motion

Prefixes В- and ВЫ- with verbs of motion