"уже" or "ещё"

"уже" or "ещё"
Situation 1. Он рабо́тает? - Нет, он уже́ в о́тпуске.
Situation 2. Он рабо́тает? - Нет, он ещё в о́тпуске.
Do you understand the difference between situations? Let's figure it out together. ;)

Ещё can mean:

→ process has not started yet
Я ещё не в о́тпуске, я рабо́таю.
→ the expected result has not yet been achieved,
Она́ ещё не пригото́вила у́жин.
→ the action that should have ended is still going on.
Ты до́ма? - Нет, я ещё на рабо́те, бу́ду в о́фисе до семи́.

Уже can mean:

→ the process has already ended
Я уже́ была́ в о́тпуске, хорошо́ отдохну́ла.
→ the result is achieved
Она́ уже́ пригото́вила у́жин.
→ by the time they spoke, another action had already begun.
Ты рабо́таешь? - Нет, я уже́ уво́лился.

Let's go back to the situations at the beginning.
Situation 1. Он рабо́тает? - Нет, он уже́ в о́тпуске.
In this situation, the hero worked before the vacation, that is, by the time of the speech, another action had already begun - the vacation.

Situation 2. Он рабо́тает? - Нет, он ещё в о́тпуске.
In this situation, the hero did not return from vacation, that is, according to the plan, he should have returned, the action should have ended, but the vacation is still ongoing.

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