Write a love letter

Do you already know how to write letters correctly? Did you write a letter to your Russian friends?
I propose to learn how to write love letters, notes, short messages. This way you can show your love more romantically.
Write a love letter
Unfortunately, love letters are not often written these days. This is a purely female opinion.
But if you still want to write a message to your loved one in Russian, then here are some tips and phrases.

Tips "how to write a love letter":

💬 Don't write very long letters.
Do not forget that now is the 21st century and not everyone likes to read a lot and for a long time. Try to write the most important thing briefly, without unnecessary words, more specifically.

💬 You don't have to call someone you love by their name.
There are many other options for how to contact your loved one.
Мой люби́мый / Моя́ люби́мая
Мой еди́нственный / Моя́ еди́нственная
Мой родно́й / Моя́ родна́я
Мой обожа́емый / Моя́ обожа́емая
Части́чка моего́ се́рдца

💬 Tell about your feelings in a letter, because that's what you are writing a letter for.
The purpose of your letter is to tell about feelings, to please a dear person.
Мне о́чень захоте́лось написа́ть тебе́ и рассказа́ть о мои́х чу́вствах.
В э́тот прекра́сный день я ника́к не мог не сказа́ть тебе́ о мое́й любви́.

💬 Remember the bright moments of your acquaintance, your meetings, your love.
Believe me, your soul mate will be pleased to read not only about your feelings, but also to remember wonderful moments.
Я по́мню, как мы с тобо́й познако́мились.
Я вспо́мнил наш пе́рвый разгово́р.
Никогда́ не забу́ду, как мы гуля́ли вме́сте...

💬 Write why you are in love with the reader of your letter.
Ты са́мый бли́зкий для меня́ челове́к.
Ты са́мый до́брый/у́мный/весёлый... - all the qualities you like.

💬 Now you can write how you have changed because of your love.
I advise you to write this already towards the end of the letter.
Благодаря́ тебе́ я стал(-а) бо́лее... 
Ты повлия́л(-а) на меня́.
Ты измени́л(-а) мою́ жизнь.
То́лько с тобо́й я по́нял(-а)...

💬 A love letter is also a letter, so do not forget about the structure: the beginning, the main part and farewell.
First, write who you are writing to.
In the main part, describe your feelings, emotions, remember the bright moments.
In the "farewell" part, the final part, do not forget to write your name. 
Твой / Твоя́ + и́мя
Всегда́ твой / Всегда́ твоя́
By the way, instead of a name, you can write a pseudonym that only your loved one knows.

💬 The last and main advice - write a letter sincerely, from the bottom of your heart.

Now try to write your letter to your most beloved person.😉

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