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Hello, friends! 

Do you like Russian? Do you want to study Russian? Then you will like us!
Study Russian with us!
Russia is not only a big country, but it is interesting culture, amazing history and cunning language. 
RuLangClub - is a friendly atmosphere.
          RuLangClub - is everything about Russian language. 
                   RuLangClub - is a 'helper' to Russian life. 

About us: 

Marina Ivkina - teacher of Russian as a foreign language in Institute of Russian Language and Culture.
"I live in Moscow. Love my work. Like to read, watch movies and learn new. 2 years ago decided to create @ru_lang_club for foreigners and now can't stop creating ;)"


Julia Dolgova - art specialist in the State Russian Museum.
"Love the art of Renaissance and Impressionism, French movies and sweets."

Do you know Russian language? 
Let's study Russian together! 😉 We will be with you!

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Picture from pixabay.com.


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