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Russificate School 
Russificate School

Russificate is an international onlline Russian language school, founded in 2013 by a Russian language teacher. They offer one-on-one Russian classes with native speakers and professional certified tutors from Russia via Skype. You can choose among a great variety of courses or choose your own personalized program. The first 30-minute lesson is free.

MyRUSkey online school
MyRUSkey online school

Study Russian easily, anywhere and anytime. Dive into Russian: study online and on mobile app, join speaking club and social media accounts. One-on-one lessons are the most effective way to learn language. Start speaking Russian from the very first free lesson. 


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Usage of Genitive case (singular) - part 1

The case system in Russian is a complex grammatical theme. But if you  understand the system and able to use it correctly, the Russian language will seem to become easy and very attractive.  ;) In total there are six cases in Russian:  Nominative (1), Genitive (2), Dative (3), Accusative (4), Instrumental (5), Prepositional (6).   And  in this post we will acquaint you with one of  the most frequently used - the Genitive case (2).

тащить - таскать

The verbs of motion   "тащить - таскать" refer to the movement of a heavy object, or an object that is difficult to move for some other reason. What other use cases are there in Russian?

ОН, ОНА, ОНО and ОНИ, or Categories "gender" and "plurality" of the nouns

It is very interesting to learn Russian. Do you agree? In Russian, all grammar is very systematized. The very first (and most important!) that you learn on the lessons of the Russian from grammar is gender (ОН, ОНА, ОНО) and plurality (ОНИ).