Russian superstitions

Superstition is a religious prejudice, which is a belief or practice, it is a way to “negotiate” with fate and influence what usually depends only on chance.
Russians have many different superstitions. Someone says that he does not believe in them, and someone continues to believe from generation to generation.
Russian superstitions
Let's look at a few superstitions that every Russian knows.
  • A black cat ran across the road - to failure!
What to do in this situation? Find a detour or circle around you three times.
  • Friday the 13th is not the best day.
On this day, it is better not to plan something important.
  • Knock on wood - protect your optimistic plans for the future.
Tell how you are doing well, and it will be even better - knock on wood to avoid change.
  • The girl does not need to sit opposite the corner of the table - she will not be able to get married for seven years.
  • You can’t eat from a knife - you will be angry.
The knife is sharp, can be perceived as a weapon. Or the tongue will be as sharp as a knife.
  • Spill salt - to a quarrel.
To prevent this from happening, you need to throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder.
  • A bird beats out the window - danger awaits you.
  • You need to sit on the path - to good luck and an easy path.
You need to sit down to deceive the evil spirits, who will think that you were not going anywhere and will not follow you.
  • You returned as soon as you left - there will be no travel.
It is believed that if the trip did not work out from the very beginning (I forgot the keys, gloves), then nothing good can be expected. To ward off trouble, you need to look in the mirror.
  • Crows fly over the house - soon someone will die there.
  • After the death of a person, the mirrors in the house must be closed.
The mirror is the door to the other world.
  • Do not celebrate 40 years.
Forty (days, years) is an unlucky number, it is better to pretend that you are still thirty-nine.
  • You can't lend in the evening.
Not only will the debtor most likely forget to return the money, but also their own will suddenly run out.
  • In the evening you can not take out the garbage - money goes with it.
  • You can not sit on the table - to poverty.
The table is a symbol of satiety, everything valuable that is in the house, there is nothing to offend him.
  • You can not whistle in the house - there will be no money.
It is believed that the whistle attracts evil spirits, which takes away good luck and prosperity.
  • The bird marked you - for money.

What superstitions do you know?

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