Idiomatic phrases → with words "лицо", "нос", "рот" and others.

Every language has phrases that have additional meanings. We call such phrases idiomatic, or idioms.
Of course, the topic 'Idioms' is very difficult. But we are sure that this is an interesting and useful topic. If you know, understand and speak the idioms correctly, then you can be proud of yourself.Idiomatic phrases → with words "лицо", "нос", "рот" and others.
Read and try to remember. It's better to use them actively ➝ correctly, without mistakes and in the right situation.

Idiomatic phrases with the word "лицо":

лицо́ компа́нии = representative of the company
сохрани́ть лицо́ = do not lose, do not show annoyance, preserve reputation
потеря́ть лицо́ = lose individuality, become like the rest
(не уда́рить) лицо́м в грязь = do justice to oneself

Idiomatic phrases with the word "нос":

под но́сом = very close
на носу́ = soon
води́ть за́ нос = deceive
(столкну́ться) нос к но́су = very close
не ви́деть да́льше своего́ но́са = not notice what is happening nearby, around
(оста́вить, оста́ться) с но́сом = lose, fail
пове́сить нос = get upset
задира́ть нос = to be proud of yourself
заруби́ть на носу́ = remember forever
сова́ть нос во что-ли́бо = interfere in someone else's business

Idiomatic phrases with the word "рот":

рот до уше́й = very happy person
па́лец в рот не клади́ = about a person with whom to be careful
как в рот воды́ набра́ть = can't speak
смотре́ть в рот кому́-ли́бо = listen carefully and with enthusiasm to someone, look at someone

Idiomatic phrases with the word "уши":

у́ши вя́нут = about unpleasant sounds, it is impossible to listen
рот до уше́й = very happy person
в одно́ у́хо влете́ло, в друго́е вы́летело = do not remember information
ве́шать лапшу́ на́ уши = deceive, lie

Idiomatic phrases with the word "губы":

наду́ть гу́бы = take offense
прикуси́ть губу́ = force yourself to stop while talking
заката́ть губу́ = refusal, no
губа́ не ду́ра = choose the best

Idiomatic phrases with the word "лоб":

на лбу напи́сано = everything is clear without words or questions
глаза́ на лоб (ле́зут) = scared, surprised
(сказа́ть) в лоб = straight, no secrets

Idiomatic phrases with the word "язык":

болта́ть языко́м = talk too much, gossip
держа́ть язы́к за зуба́ми = be silent, do not tell 
слома́ть язы́к = difficult to pronounce a phrase, a word
проглоти́ть язы́к = shut up, don't know what to say
дли́нный язы́к = about a chatty person, about a gossip
язык без костей = about a chatty person, about a gossip
ве́ртится на языке́ = something familiar, but you can't remember
тянуть за язы́к = make to speak

Idiomatic phrases with the word "зубы":

назубо́к = excellent to know
отска́кивать от зубо́в = tell something well and clearly
загова́ривать зу́бы = distract attention with nonsense

Idiomatic phrases with the word "волосы":

рвать на себе́ во́лосы = be desperate, very sorry
во́лосы ды́бом = scared, horrified
быть на волосо́к от сме́рти = to be very close to something dangerous

As you can see, there are many idioms.
It is important to learn how to use idiomatic phrases in speech. And don't be afraid to make mistakes ➝ learn from mistakes.
Write your questions in the comments. 

1. What idioms did you already know? What idioms are there in your language?

2. What idioms do you see in these pictures?
"рвать на себе волосы"
 "рот до ушей"

"водить за нос" "вешать лапшу на уши"

3. Think of situations in which you can use the above idioms.

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