Idiomatic phrases → with word "глаза".

Russian people like when foreigners speak Russian. And if foreigners speak Russian idiomatic phrases, then it is doubly pleasant.
Of course, the topic 'Idioms' is very difficult. But we are sure that this is an interesting and useful topic. If you know, understand and speak the idioms correctly, then you can be proud of yourself.Idiomatic phrases → with word "глаза".
Look at the idioms for "глаза" and try to learn some of them. And it is better to use them actively in speech ➝ correctly, without errors and in the right situation.

быть на глаза́х = be in sight, close
с глаз доло́й = out of sight
с гла́зу на́ глаз = alone, without witnesses

смотре́ть други́ми глаза́ми = to see everything from the other side, in a different way
откры́ть глаза́ на что-ли́бо = to understand something
закры́ть глаза́ на что-ли́бо = to give up, to stop caring, to worry about something

слёзы на глаза́х = when you want to cry
глаза́ загоре́лись = inspiration, interest, desire to do something
глаза́ разбега́ются = many things, abundance

куда́ глаза́ глядя́т = to go without exact direction

положи́ть глаз на кого́/что-ли́бо = to stop your choice, to choose someone/something specific
глаз не своди́ть с кого́/чего́-ли́бо = look intently at someone/something

(сказа́ть) в глаза́ = directly, openly, in the face
(говори́ть) за глаза́ = behind the back, in absentia

глаза́ на лоб (ле́зут) = surprise, bewilderment, some shock
глаз - алма́з = very good vision; talent to see the most important and basic
(де́лать) с закры́тыми глаза́ми = good to know how to do, to be confident

броса́ться в глаза́ = to attract attention, to be noticed
пуска́ть пыль в глаза́ = to create a false impression

за краси́вые глаза́ = free, for nothing
по глаза́м ви́дно = clear, understandable, without secrets

смотре́ть в о́ба = to be attentive, careful, to be alert

Глаза́ боя́ться, а ру́ки де́лают. = before a difficult, complex work to be done
Не в бровь, а в глаз. = apt, accurate, witty
Глаза́ - зе́ркало души́. = that real feelings, emotions can be seen in the eyes

As you can see, there are many idioms with the word "глаза". And that's not all, but only the most popular ones.
It is important to learn how to use idioms in speech. And don't be afraid to make mistakes ➝ learn from mistakes.
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