Idiomatic phrases → with word "голова".

Everyone are happy to hear when foreigners speak their beautiful native language. And if foreigners know idiomatic phrases, then it's even more pleased. Of course, the topic 'Idioms' is very difficult, but it is an interesting and useful. If you know, understand and speak the idioms correctly, then you can be proud of yourself.Idiomatic phrases → with word "голова".
Look at the idioms for "голова" and try to learn some of them. And it is better to use them actively in speech ➝ correctly, without errors and in the right situation.
ка́ша в голове́ = chaos in thoughts, confusion, no clarity
голова́ идёт кру́гом = a lot of cases, information, work, details

све́тлая голова́ = about a person who thinks logically
на́ голову выше = about a person's height; about a person who is smarter
дыря́вая (садо́вая) голова́ = about a person who forgets everything, he has a bad memory

лома́ть го́лову над чем-ли́бо = try to understand something difficult, solve a difficult problem
би́ться голово́й об сте́ну = try to find a decision in a situation that cannot be решена
ду́мать голово́й = solve problems on your own
теря́ть го́лову = not know what to do, stop thinking 

име́ть го́лову на плеча́х = think logical, be smart and quick-witted
с голово́й = about a smart person

гла́дить по голо́вке = praise, approve of someone

вбить в го́лову = convince, suggest any thought, idea, make you think in a certain way
хвата́ться за го́лову = be horrified, desperate

вы́летело из головы́ = forget something
как снег на́ голову = about something unexpected, sudden
не выхо́дит из головы́ = constantly think about something, you can't forget something

че́рез чью-ли́бо го́лову = do something without the boss's approval, contact your superior boss

Вали́ть с больно́й головы́ на здоро́вую = shift the blame to the innocent

И ещё немного, но не со словом "голова", а со словом "ум" ↓

бра́ться за ум = change behavior, become prudent, start thinking
без ума́ от кого́/чего́-ли́бо = admire something

As you can see, there are many idioms with the word "голова". And that's not all, but only the most popular ones.
It is important to learn how to use idioms in speech. And don't be afraid to make mistakes ➝ learn from mistakes.
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1. What idiomatic phrases with the word "голова" do you know? What idioms are there in your language?

2. What idioms do you see in these pictures?

3. Write 1-2 situations with idioms.

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