Winter idioms

Do you know how many words and phrases there are in your native language?
Can you imagine how many words and expressions there are in Russian?
I wonder how many expressions you can name on the topic "Winter"?
Let's remember together the set expressions, proverbs and sayings, idioms on the winter theme.
Winter idioms
We will write the expression and its meaning. And you can write examples of use in the comments, that is, in what situations you can say the given expression.

хо́лод соба́чий/лю́тый - very cold
дрожа́ть от холода́ - very cold
по спине́ пробежа́л хо́лод/холодо́к - get very scared
хо́лод в глаза́х - indifference
и в хо́лоде, и в го́лоде - about extreme poverty
ве́ять хо́лодом - about an indifferent person
нагна́ть хо́лоду - scare, ruin the relationship

лёд тро́нулся - about the beginning of an action
ходи́ть по то́нкому льду - warning of a dangerous situation
холо́дный, как лёд - about dead, not alive

как снег на́ голову - suddenly, unexpectedly
как сне́жный ком - a lot of something (negative)
иска́ть прошлого́дний снег - hope to return what is gone, what is no longer there
беле́е сне́га - very clean
зимо́й сне́га не вы́просишь - about a greedy person

показа́ть, где ра́ки зиму́ют - about a situation after which you can get punishment
зима́ не за гора́ми - winter is coming soon
Ско́лько лет, ско́лько зим! - did not see each other for many years, met after a long separation
Ма́тушка Зима́ - this way Russians call the winter period
гото́вь са́ни ле́том, а теле́гу зимо́й - need to prepare in advance

As you can see, there are many winter phrases and expressions in the Russian language. And that's not all, only those that I remember.
Now it is important to learn how to use these phrases in speech. And don't be afraid to make mistakes ➝ learn from mistakes.
Write your questions in the comments.

1. What winter idioms do you know? What idioms are there in your language?

2. Write a story about the past day using 3 winter idioms.

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