Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day
Teachers' Day in Russia is celebrated on October 5.
On the same day, the professional holiday is celebrated by teachers in many other countries, since in 1994 UNESCO approved the World Teachers Day on October 5.

On October 5, 1966, the first official document "On the Status of Teachers" was adopted at an international conference. That is why World Teachers Day is celebrated on this day.

Before the October Revolution, public education was developing in Russia, that is, patrons of art were engaged in teaching the children of workers and peasants. Among such patrons were Lev Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov.
After the revolution in the Soviet school, the role of the teacher was extremely important. The teacher, the teacher was often the hero of legends, films, books, party meetings.
In the USSR, Teachers' Day began to be celebrated in 1965. However, Teacher's Day was then celebrated on the first Sunday in October (this tradition is still in some cities).

Since 1994, for convenience (so that teachers can be congratulated right at school), the holiday was officially combined (united) with World Teachers Day and began to be celebrated on October 5.

Traditionally, on this day, students and their parents congratulate teachers on the holiday, give flowers and small gifts. Schools often host holiday concerts or self-government days when students take on the role of teachers in the classroom.
Also on this day or on the eve of the awarding of the winners of the competition "Teacher of the Year", which has been held since 1990.

Usually the holiday is celebrated only in schools. But truth be told, this is not just schoolteacher's day. Therefore, we advise you to congratulate your teachers at school, college, teachers at the university, or your tutor. They will be very pleased.

Several variants for congratulations in Russian:
1. С Днём учителя!
Желаем вдохновения, терпения, искренних улыбок и благодарности от учеников. Пускай вдохновенно начинается каждый новый день.
Будьте здоровы, дорогой учитель!
Спасибо за знания, опыт и душевное тепло.
Happy teacher's day!
We wish you inspiration, patience, sincere smiles and gratitude from the students. Let every new day begin with inspiration.
Cheers, dear teacher!
Thank you for your knowledge, experience and warmth.

2. С днём учителя, любимый учитель! 
Спасибо за Ваше терпение, за способность делиться своими знаниями с другими, спасибо, что уделяете своё время, за то, что дарите свой талант, спасибо, что на какое-то время Вы стали частью нашей жизни, помогая развиваться и совершенствоваться.
Удачного дня и хорошего настроения!
Happy teacher's day, beloved teacher!
Thank you for your patience, for the ability to share your knowledge with others, thank you for taking your time, for donating your talent, thank you for becoming a part of our life for some time, helping to develop and improve.
Have a nice day and good mood!

3. Поздравляю Вас с Днём учителя и от всего сердца хочу Вам пожелать профессиональных успехов и роста. 
Желаю простого человеческого счастья, удачи и любви. 
Ещё раз с профессиональным праздником Вас!
I congratulate you on Teacher's Day and from the bottom of my heart I want to wish you professional success and growth.
I wish you simple human happiness, good luck and love.
Once again, with your professional holiday!

4. Поздравляю со Всемирным днём учителя!
Желаю из года в год оставаться лучшим учителем и замечательным человеком. Пусть каждый день будет добрым, успешным, интересным и насыщенны. Пусть каждый ученик благодаря Вам увидит мир по-новому и совершит свое гениальное открытие. 
Желаю Вам здоровья, внутренней гармонии и уверенности в себе.
Happy World Teachers Day!
I wish you to remain the best teacher and wonderful person from year to year. May every day be kind, successful, interesting and fulfilling. Let each student, thanks to you, see the world in a new way and make his brilliant discovery.
I wish you health, inner harmony and self-confidence.

5. Дорогой учитель, спасибо вам за все уроки, за всё хорошее, за доброту, заботу и умение интересно донести нужную информацию!
Пускай ваш труд приносит вам только положительные эмоции, хороший стабильный доход и много благодарных учеников!
Dear teacher, thank you for all the lessons, for all the good things, for your kindness, care and ability to convey the necessary information in an interesting way!
Let your work bring you only positive emotions, good stable income and many grateful students!

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