Idiomatic phrases → with word "душа".

Have you heard of the "Russian soul"? This is a complex concept that tells a lot about the Russian people.

Yes, we continue to talk about idioms in Russian. And once again we repeat that Russians are pleased to hear idioms in the speech of foreigners, because this is a difficult topic.Idiomatic phrases → with word "душа".

Look at the idioms for "душа" and try to learn some of them. And it is better to use them actively in speech ➝ correctly, without errors and in the right situation.

душа́ компа́нии = about the person who is the center of the company, society
душа́ нараспа́шку = open person

ро́дственные ду́ши = like-minded person, common interests
жить душа́ в ду́шу = be friends, do not swear

изли́ть ду́шу = tell the whole truth, everything that worries
откры́ть ду́шу = tell the whole truth, all your secrets

стоя́ть над душо́й = bother with your presence, ask someone to do something
лезть в ду́шу = ask about personal life

душа́ в пя́тки ушла́ = get scared
душа́ не лежи́т = not want to do anything, no interest in anything

(де́лать) с душо́й = do what you like; show interest in
(де́лать) без души́ = do what you don't like; without interest
с откры́той душо́й = sincerely, with full confidence, frankly
говорить по душа́м = friendly conversation, as with a loved one

ни души́ = nobody 
от души́ = sincerely, passionately, cordially

души́ не ча́ять в ком-ли́бо = adore, trust in everything, love strongly
в чём душа́ де́ржится = about a weak person, with a poor physical condition

бальза́м на́ душу = something nice

брать за́ душу = excite strongly, evoke emotions - pain, joy, sadness...
вкла́дывать ду́шу = give yourself completely to something, do it with enthusiasm, with interest

As you can see, there are many idioms with the word "душа". And that's not all, but only the most popular ones.
It is important to learn how to use idioms in speech. And don't be afraid to make mistakes ➝ learn from mistakes.
Write your questions in the comments. 

1. What idiomatic phrases with the word "душа" do you know? What idioms are there in your language?

2. What idioms do you see in these pictures?
"бальзам на душу"   "брать за душу"

"душа ушла в пятки"   "родственные души"

3. Write 1-2 situations with idioms.

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