Assistants in the study of the Russian language.

Assistants in the study of the Russian language.
When you start learning a foreign language, you want to find more simple information, more practical tasks and, of course, communication with native speakers.
Let's look on several useful sites, mobile applications and social networks that will help you in learning Russian as a foreign language.

Educational sites

  • Learn Russian - many grammar tables, lexical topics and practical tasks in the form of tests. Levels "0" - B1.
  • "Grammar Workbook" - grammar exercises to test your knowledge. All tasks are checked by the computer automatically. But to complete the tasks you need a Russian keyboard layout. Levels A2 - B1.
  • Russian on-line - grammatical topics for level A1 - A2. Everything is presented in bright tables, but without practical tasks. 
  • Russificate Blog is a blog of the online school of Russian as a foreign language. The blog has over 60 topics on various grammar and lexical topics. For example, Russian for businessmen, Russian for tourists and there are even tests for preparing for exams in Russian as a foreign language (TRKI system).
  • Hello World - many interactive games that will help you remember some grammar and vocabulary topics. 
  • RuSpeach is a site with a sea of ​​useful information for foreigners who want to not only learn Russian, but also find Russian friends.
  • Fun Russian - a blog about Russian culture, the Russian language with great lexical comments. There are also video tutorials. 
  • Explore Russian is also a blog about Russian language, culture, history, and easy-to-learn Russian language tips.
  • is a blog from a teacher and author of a popular textbook on Russian as a foreign language "Russian Souvenir".
  • RuLangClub - a blog about Russian culture and history, as well as the necessary information on learning the Russian language with practical assignments.

Russian language in social networks

    • Instagram pages:
    RuLangClub - a lot of grammar materials and practical exercises
    Russian_Up - vocabulary and communication in the comments
    Russian.with.Jane - video grammar explanations and interesting lexical explanations
    Great Russian - Russian language blog for Russians
    Russia_4_you - Russian real life, history and culture realities
    • Facebook pages:
    Russian Language Podcast - community with podcasts about the Russian language and travels around Russia. The community has a unique opportunity to become a member of the "Russian Dacha".
    Russian Language Club is a community with a lot of useful information.
    Have Fun With Russian -  language, culture, history and common information.
    Amazing Russian - grammar and relevant information from the Russian language
    Learning Russian - vocabulary and grammar material in pictures.

    YouTube video lessons

    Russian Language Club - useful video with grammar topics.
    Real Russian Club - Russian dictionary, slow Russian and storytelling.
    Russian with Anastasia - travels in Russia and interviews with interesting people.
    Learn Russian Language - Russian language step by step.
    Ru-Land Club - interesting vlogs with an explanation of vocabulary and grammar.
    MyRUSkey - is an online school for studying Russian as a foreign language with lexical video material.

    Mobile applications 

    Russian Verbs Conjugation - reference book on changing verbs of the Russian language.
    Learn and Go! - practical exercises on the topic "Verbs of motion".
    Russian Cases - cases of the Russian language with examples and rules.
    Russian Noun Declination - a guide to noun changes.
    Глаголы движения - application with detailed explanations and assignments.

    Russian Idioms - phraseological expressions of the Russian language with illustrations.
    Learn Russian 6,000 Words by Fun Easy Learn - learning Russian vocabulary. Two options for audio recording - slow and fast.
    Learn Russian by Greg Vick - study the vocabulary of the Russian language and communicative situations.
    Learn Russian. Speak Russian. by Mondly - entry level vocabulary. Sound recognition capability - you can also train pronunciation.
    Learn Russian Words Free by Language Course S.L. - 10,000 lexical units for different levels of the language. Includes slang and business Russian.
    Learn Russian Phrasebook - communicative topics of the Russian language.
    U-Learn. Advanced Russian - a course for the intermediate level, based on communicative situations.

    TORFL A1-C2 - TORFL tests of all levels.
    TORFL B1 - grammar tests for TORFL-1.
    TORFL B2 - grammar tests for TORFL-2.

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