Russian banya

Russian banya
What have you heard about the Russian banya?
You may have heard that a Russian banya is similar to a sauna. You may have heard that after a bath, you must definitely dive into the snow or into cold water.
Or maybe you have already been in a Russian banya.
In this article we will talk about the attributes of the banya, history and modernity.

Yes, a Russian banya is similar to a sauna, but not quite. Russian banya is a contrast of temperatures, steam from stones and massage with a hot broom.

Yes, according to tradition, after the steam room in the banya, you need to jump into the water at a temperature lower. It could be a lake, a river, a pool, or even snow. By the way, just a Russian shower is also suitable - dousing with cold water. Remember that in a Russian banya, temperature contrast is important.

Initially, instead of a banya, they used a stove that was in the house. They climbed into the oven and washed there.
Then they began to build a special small house for a banya. They were not used every day, usually once a week - "banya's day", often it was Saturday.

In the Russian banya there should be several rooms - a steam room, where they just bathe, and a dressing room, a room for undressing and relaxing after the steam room.
In the steam room there is a heater - a stove with stones. First, the oven is heated so that the air in the room rises to the temperature you need. You need to pour water on the stones - this humidifies the air, hot steam appears, which rises to the top.
First, it is recommended to sit below, and then rise higher to the ceiling, to the hot steam. By the way, it is for this purpose that there are usually benches of different levels in the steam room. You can sit and lie on the benches. On the middle benches they just do massage with brooms. The most versatile, light and handy birch broom. It treats various skin diseases and has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

The Russian banya is known for its soft, moisture-saturated steam and average temperature conditions, but even such conditions are an overload, from which only a healthy body will benefit.

Banya contraindications. Doctors do not recommend drinking alcohol before and during bath procedures.

Banya is a unique place that allows you to improve your health, get rid of many diseases, rejuvenate and have a good time. In addition, wellness procedures have their own indications and contraindications, which should be carefully studied before visiting the steam room.
Unprepared people need to start the procedures gradually, warm up the body, rising from the lower tiers to the upper ones.

By the way, be prepared for the fact that Russians go to the banya in groups - it can be only men or only women, a family. Sometimes business meetings are even held in the banya.

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