Epiphany (January 19)

крести́ть // покрести́ть     to baptize
крести́ться // покрести́ться     to get baptized
крёстный, крёстная     godfather, godmother
Креще́ние     Baptism, or Epiphany day
Baptism is a church rite, when a person is “churched”, becomes a part of the Church.
But today is about the holiday. Epiphany is a church holiday celebrated every year on January 19.
Epiphany (January 19)
Epiphany is the last January feast. This day completes the Christmas holidays. In Russia, this is not a day off, but still a major religious holiday.

History. On this day, John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ and others in the Jordan River. During the baptism, the Holy Trinity appeared - the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus Christ as a white dove and the heavenly voice of the Father, who called Jesus the Son of God.
This day is considered one of the most important church days.

Modernity. Many people come to church and listen to the service.
Some people come to church and take holy “sanctified” water (this water can cure diseases).
And there are people who, on the night of January 19, make a wish that will come true. It's needed sanctified consecrated.

One of the most unusual traditions of this day is swimming in the ice hole. The hole symbolizes the Jordan River, in which Jesus Christ was baptized.
Watch the video how Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin does it.

Before swimming, the priest blesses the ice hole (lowers the cross into the water). After people need to dip into the water 3 times (with their heads) and they will be cleansed from sins.
This is the rite of Epiphany.

But now many people are conducting the Epiphany rite not for religious purposes, but for health - hardening the body.

What you need / cannot do in Epiphany, or Signs.
- become part of the Church, or be baptized
- arrange a wedding, as this is one of the best days for a wedding (→ you will live happily ever after)
- do not swear, do not quarrel, do not get angry
- it is better not to do household chores (do not iron, do not wash, do not clean)
- do not borrow or lend money
- it is better not to overeat, do not eat too much =)
And also on the morning of January 20, you can meet your destiny, future husband or future wife.

And in the end, the Russians congratulate each other with the phrase → "С Крещением Господним!"

Now, watch the video ↑ again and do the task:
    (да / нет)      Крещение – это самый главный церковный праздник.
    (да / нет)      Президент России принял участие в купаниях.
    (да / нет)      Перед купанием люди волнуются, а после чувствуют себя хорошо.
    (да / нет)      Джон из Австралии приехал в России изучать русский язык.
    (да / нет)      В Якутии мороз и температура -45.
    (да / нет)      Купаются в проруби по традиции только мужчины, молодые люди и мальчики.

Picture and video from yandex.ruyoutube.com.

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