Souvenirs from Russia

What kind of souvenirs to bring from Russia to relatives, friends and as a keepsake?
This article will include both the most popular souvenirs and rare, but interesting variants.
Souvenirs from Russia
- the first souvenir associated with Russia. There are a lot of them, they are different: Russian girls, Russian fairy tales, Russian leaders.
The idea of ​​the nesting doll is different sizes of figures that can be easily inserted into one another.
Another unusual version of the matryoshka is a clean one, which you yourself can paint as you want.

- blue and white ceramic dishes.
Usually these are only souvenirs, but we recommend using them in everyday life - aesthetically pleasing and practical.

- wooden dishes (maybe furniture) with an unusual pattern - flowers are painted in red, gold and green on a black background.
Previously, Khokhloma was a village where wooden furniture and household items were sold.

- folk string musical instrument.
Usually balalaikas are triangular or oval in shape. Big and small balalaikas are sold in souvenir shops.

- an apparatus for making tea. Water is heated in the apparatus itself, and a teapot is placed on top of the samovar.
In Russia, they have always liked to drink tea slowly, with various sweets. And the samovar was an important part of the Russian tea ceremony.

Hat with ear flaps - 'shapka-ushanka'
is a popular souvenir from Russia.
But this is not only a souvenir. It is also a necessary accessory for the cold winter, since the hat with earflaps is usually fur, and the ears on the hat can always be untied in strong winds.

is the most popular stereotype and souvenir in Russia.
Vodka can be bought at different prices, but we advise you to buy not a cheap option, as it may be of poor quality.

There are many good chocolate and confectionery factories in Russia. For example, Babaevsky, Krasny Oktyabr, Korkunov, N. Krupskaya factory, RotFront and others.
The most popular options are "Alyonka" chocolate and "Bears in the Forest" chocolates.

Gingerbread - 'pryanik'
The most famous and delicious gingerbread can be found in the city of Tula. But don't worry, Tula gingerbread is sold in every Russian city.
We also recommend trying and buying Belyov pastille. This is a natural apple dessert. Delicious and sweet.

You are unlikely to try such a drink in other countries. It is a sour drink prepared on the basis of rye bread.
By the way, kvass is also added to soups, for example, to okroshka.

Pavloposad plateau
Bright and warm female headdress.
By tradition, flowers were painted on scarves. And in some way these scarves resembled matryoshka dolls.

Bath set
It is known that Russians love to go to the bathhouse. Usually they take a special hat and a broom with them to the bathhouse for a specific massage. The set may also include a wooden bucket, slippers, ivan tea and more.

Here is a small list of interesting souvenirs that are nice to get from Russia.
Of course, you can find something else that will also be associated with Russia and with specific cities. So, for example, from Kazan we recommend bringing the Tatar dessert chak-chak, from Kaliningrad - a product made of amber, from Irkutsk - a souvenir from Lake Baikal...

What souvenirs from Russia do you already have? What would you like?

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