Idioms with colors

Idioms, idioms ... Endless theme. Difficult, interesting and useful topic. Learning to understand and properly use idioms together to make progress.
Important! The article will contain not only idioms, but also stable phrases with the names of colors.
Idioms with colors
Idioms with names of colors - read and try to remember some of them. Better to use them actively ➝ correctly, without mistakes and in the right situation.

бе́лый свет = the whole universe, the world around us
бе́лая за́висть = good envy
бе́лый флаг = symbol of surrender

кра́сная строка́ = first line of a paragraph
кра́сное словцо́ = witty apt expression

чёрная за́висть = it is a sin, the desire to do badly to someone who has what you do not have
чёрное де́ло = the crime
чёрный кот = in superstition, it is a cat that brings misfortune
Чёрная пя́тница = big discount day
чёрный ю́мор = humor with cynicism, often on topics that are closed in society
чёрная ма́гия = evil witchcraft
чёрный день = difficult period in life

се́рая мышь = modest, inconspicuous person

зелёная у́лица = free road, path without obstacles

жёлтая пре́сса = cheap media that like to write about gossip, scandals, unverified facts

ро́зовые очки́ = naive person, believes everything and everyone

light blue 
голуба́я кровь = about a man of aristocratic origin

золото́е се́рдце = about a kind, compassionate, caring and sincere person
золоты́е ру́ки = talented person

све́тлая голова́ = about a person who thinks logically
тёмные дели́шки = crimes

As you can see, there are many phrases with color names. And that's not all, only those that I remember.
It is important to learn how to use idioms in speech. And don't be afraid to make mistakes ➝ learn from mistakes.
Write your questions in the comments.

1. What idioms with the names of colors do you know? What idioms are there in your language?

2. Write a story about a person using 3 idioms with names for flowers.

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