Day of knowledge (September 1)

Day of knowledge (September 1)
September 1 - this day begin first lessons in Russian schools, universities. Exactly on this day lessons start all over Russia.
The holiday appeared only in 1984, but long before that day, school concerts ("lineyka") were held with the first bell. And what is it "lineika"?

This holiday is more celebrated by schoolchildren, since there is a small concert, a “lineup”: the speeches of the principal, teachers and students of the school, where a first grader with an eleventh grader rings a bell (this is the first school bell). ;)

By tradition, on this holiday children present their teachers flowers and small gifts. But since 2014 in some Moscow schools  parents do not buy bouquets to teachers, but donate money for charity, that is the action "Children instead of flowers".

For first-graders this is a very exciting day. After all, this day ia a beginning of new adult life. And for eleventh-graders (or graduates) it is the last, the most difficult year in school.

On September 1, lessons begin at universities, institutes, colleges and other educational institutions. But already without concerts, flowers and bells. :)

First school day (by Marina Ivkina)

I went to school at 6, and this was in 1993. Unexpectedly, I could not go to public school and my parents found an interesting private school with in-depth study of English - "School of tomorrow". The school was wonderful and I remember with pleasure every day of my studies. We are still friends with our classmates.

September 1, 1993 was a long time ago, but the memories are still fresh. New friends, many gifts, interesting lessons - a class hour and an English lesson. I didn't want to return home! The first concert "lineup" in the school I do not remember, but I remember the first last bell on May 25, 1994, because I rung the bell myself on the shoulders of the graduate.
September 1, 1993
And here are pictures from the first school day. I was a shy girl, and as tradition - with bows and in uniform - white top, dark bottom.
My first teacher Tatyana Alexandrovna
Here is my first teacher Tatyana Alexandrovna with me at the first day in school. Even now she remembers all our class and we adore her.

How was your first day at school? What do you remember?
Show in the comments your photos from school. ;)

Pictures from and  from the personal archive of the author.

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