Moscow metro

Moscow is a big metropolis, a capital with own problems - traffic jams. And so the most convenient transport is the metro.
Moscow metro

The metro in Russia was intended to be built by Tsar Nicholas II, but the state affairs distracted him from the realization of the idea. And the metro appeared only in 1935, exactly on May 15, 1935, when the first subway line was opened (the red one) from the Sokolniki station to the Park Kultury station.
Stalin burned with the idea of the most beautiful metro and the projects of each station claimed personally (in his period were built 4 metro lines!). Muscovites are now proud of the beauty of their transport, and tourists eager to go on excursions to the stations of the Moscow Metro.

Interesting facts:

  • Today the Moscow Metro is 13 lines (206 stations), the Moscow Central Circle (31 stations), and the Monorail (6 stations).
Every year new stations open. So, according to the plans of the Moscow government till 2020 35 more new stations will be built.
  • "The most" metro station
The very first metro station is Sokolniki (May 15, 1935)
The newest metro station is Lomonosovsky Prospect (March 16, 2017)
The deepest metro station is Park Pobedy (84 meters)
The longest escalator is at the station Park Pobedy (126.8 meters)
The shallowest subway station is Pechatniki (5 meters)
The longest platform of the station - "Vorobyovy Gory" (282 meters)
The widest station is the "Partisanskaya"
  • There are 12 radial lines and one Koltsevaya line (without the Moscow Central Circle). Each metro line has its own name, but the inhabitants of the capital are usually called them by colors. And recently there appeared a division into numbers.
  • The Moscow metro is open from 5:30 am until 1:00 am. But during big holidays, such as New Year's Eve or Easter, the entrance to the subway is open until 2:00 am, or it can work day and night, 24 hours.
  • In metro trains not always catch a telephone connection, but there is free Wi-Fi;)
  • There is a legend that Stalin asked to build a secret metro line from the Kremlin to Vorobyovy Gory...
If there is such a line, then it is still secret and we do not know anything about it.
But we definitely know that there is a buffet at the Arbatskaya metro station, the Metropolitan Museum at the Vystavochnaya station (by the way, you can also book a tour of the metro stations in foreign languages).
In addition, there is a unique project - "Night at the Museum", when for one night the metro station becomes an art-playground. So, for example, on the night of July 17-18, the Mayakovskaya station turned into a cinema for the premiere of the first episode of the seventh season of the "Game of Thrones".
  • During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) the government of the USSR wanted to destroy the metro completely and on October 16, 1941 the subway was closed (the only time!). But the next morning continued to work as usual.
  • On some metro lines you can meet unusual beautiful trains - "personal" trains. These trains have a certain theme, like space, cinema, literature, etc.
These are just a few interesting facts about the Moscow metro. :)
Moscow Metro map

And now phrases that you can hear or read in the trains of the Moscow Metro:

Перехо́д на ста́нцию ... - Change here for ...
Не прислоня́ться. - Do not lean.
Осторо́жно, две́ри закрыва́ются, сле́дующая ста́нция... - Be careful, the doors close, the next station ...
По́езд сле́дует до ста́нции... - The train goes to the station ...
На прибыва́ющий по́езд до ста́нции ... поса́дка производи́ться не бу́дет. Отойди́те от кра́я платфо́рмы. - On arriving train to station ... landing will not be done. Stand away from the edge of the platform.
Уважа́емые пассажи́ры, будьте внима́тельны и осторо́жны при вы́ходе из ваго́на. - Dear passengers, be careful when you leave the car.
Платфо́рма спра́ва. - Doors open on the right.
Уважа́емые пассажи́ры, в ваго́не по́езда держи́тесь за по́ручни. - Dear passengers, hold on to the handrails.
Уважа́емые пассажи́ры, будьте взаимовежливы. Уступа́йте места́ инвали́дам, пожилы́м лю́дям, пассажи́рам с детьми́ и бере́менным же́нщинам. - Dear passengers, be polite. Give place to the disabled, the elderly, passengers with children and pregnant women.
Уважа́емые пассажи́ры, при вы́ходе из ваго́на не забыва́йте свои́ ве́щи. О веща́х, забы́тых други́ми пассажи́рами, сообща́йте машини́сту. - Dear passengers, when you leave the car do not forget your things. Tell the driver about things forgotten by other passengers.

In the end, a little funny task about the Moscow Metro - listen to the song about the metro and try to record all the named subway stations. To help you - the metro plan. ;) 
You can receive the correct answer by e-mail (write it in the comments).

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