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- see your progress
     - save your ideas
- increase the chances of success
     - learn from mistakes
- learn to express your thoughts
     - improve skills

Everything is in Russian. No chance to stop ))

Plan you Russian studying for the whole year.
+ 12 grammar notes
+ progress tracker

Price: 13$


this is the dictionary for self-studying

- learn new Russian words
     - make lexis Mind map
- put words in topic list
     - learn synonyms and antonyms

You will have all new Russian words in one place.
It will be easy to continue your studies or to make first steps in Russian.

Price: 10$


This are ready-made lessons on various topics: interesting classes on songs, films, videos, books and various lexical topics.

Topics for self-study lessons

It is ideal for self-study. You can do it yourself anywhere and anytime.

1 month = 4 lessons
Every Monday - 1 cool lesson.
(you receive link on colorful printable lesson)

Subscribe for one month: 15$
Price for one lesson: 5$


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Usage of Genitive case (singular) - part 1

The case system in Russian is a complex grammatical theme. But if you  understand the system and able to use it correctly, the Russian language will seem to become easy and very attractive.  ;) In total there are six cases in Russian:  Nominative (1), Genitive (2), Dative (3), Accusative (4), Instrumental (5), Prepositional (6).   And  in this post we will acquaint you with one of  the most frequently used - the Genitive case (2).

тащить - таскать

The verbs of motion   "тащить - таскать" refer to the movement of a heavy object, or an object that is difficult to move for some other reason. What other use cases are there in Russian?

ОН, ОНА, ОНО and ОНИ, or Categories "gender" and "plurality" of the nouns

It is very interesting to learn Russian. Do you agree? In Russian, all grammar is very systematized. The very first (and most important!) that you learn on the lessons of the Russian from grammar is gender (ОН, ОНА, ОНО) and plurality (ОНИ).